Drawing by Paweł Flieger, 2018

The goal of the project was to create experimental objects made in various techniques, aiming at combining both artistic and literary activities. The result – a collection of unique books – were not only an artistic interpretation of everyday life, but also a reflection on what unites us and what divides us, intertwining in a universal story about human life.

Description: Project for the Art Gallery in Mosina

Role: Project Creator and Leader

Grant: The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage for Poland (Ministerstwo Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego)

Dates: April 2019-December 2019

Project link: http://galeriamosina.pl

Catalogue: PDF

Animation movie: MP4


  • Wiele się dzieje w Galerii Sztuki

Link: https://www.gazeta-mosina.pl
Gazeta Mosińsko-Puszczykowska, 2019.05.22

  • Mała Czarna

Link: https://radiopoznan.fm
Radio Poznań, 2019.05.16